Bootstrap Arrows Swirl

Bootstrap Arrows.

A simple jQuery plugin and add-on to the popular Twitter Bootstrap framework to include the use of arrows at any angle in your UI designs.

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Usage: <span class='arrow'></span> or <span class='arrow-info' data-angle='90'></span>
Colours: default, primary, info, success, warning, danger, inverse.
Specify the angle of the arrow with the data-angle tag. The default arrow points up.

  • class='arrow'

  • class='arrow-primary' data-angle='45'

  • class='arrow-info' data-angle='90'

  • class='arrow-success' data-angle='135'

  • class='arrow-large'

  • class='arrow-inverse-large' data-angle='315'

  • class='arrow-danger-large' data-angle='270'

  • class='arrow-warning-large' data-angle='180'

Bootstrap Arrows currently uses Bootstrap 2.1.1. Built for sharing by Iarfhlaith Kelly